Eat your way to a bikini body

Ariticle for Live Life magazine by Anna Wood

It’s the part where we all struggle with. We want to lose weight but knowing what to eat, when to eat or how much to eat, becomes a daunting task, and for most a stumbling block that curbs any effort towards our weight loss goal? Let’s see if we can find a simpler approach towards effective maintainable weight loss nutrition and achieving that “bikini body”goal.

I think that the biggest misconception people have is that they think they can out train a bad diet; meaning “I can eat this bad food and work it off later” Nothing beats a bad diet. To achieve our weight loss goal we have to understand that nutrition is 70% of the process and training takes up the other 30%. Our bodies function very similar to a power station. If we want the lights to go on we kind of need to feed it some kind of fuel to kick-start the whole process. This is where food comes in, if we fuel our bodies with the right kind of food at the right intervals, with the right amount, the lights shine brightly, but change that to plates overloaded with sugars and fatty food we find ourselves operation on dims. Grasping this fact will help you make better choices when it comes to food.

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