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Full name: Annemarie Wood
Age: 30
Occupation: Pilates Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer
Hometown: Pretoria, Gauteng

Anna is no stranger to the pages of Fitness magazine, having made the top six of the 2010 USN Face of Fitness cover model search competition, and she was also featured in a recent workout shoot for the mag.

While she may not have won the Face of Fitness title and graced the cover of the January/February 2011 issue, Anna’s outstanding results on the competitive stage this year, her toned and lean bikini physique and her bubbly personality makes her the quintessential Fitness cover model, so we couldn’t hold out on featuring her any longer.

Anna’s love for being active and healthy stems from her passion for dance. She attained a BTECH dance diploma from the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT) in 2004 and then went on to become a qualified personal trainer and Pilates instructor. After a short stint in London, where she worked for Virgin Active London as a fitness manager, she returned home to South Africa to set up her own business, called Active Pilates, in the Pretoria East area. Anna is passionate about helping people reach their health and fitness goals, which she achieves through the Pilates and boot camp classes she offers and her one-on-one and group personal training sessions.

Outside of work, Anna’s passion for health and fitness continues to burn brightly. She is a fiercely competitive bikini athlete who loves to be on stage and compete against the best physiques in SA. And her self proclaimed “oozing love for the stage” certainly sets her apart from the other competitors, as her confidence and stage presence have made the judges sit up and take notice. Anna attributes this largely to her dance background and love for performing, which makes her “feel very comfortable on stage, whether it’s dancing or modelling”.

And this is clearly evident in her achievements on stage this year. Anna’s competitive resume reads like a seasoned veteran’s, yet she has only been competing for a year now. Her victories in the Bikini division came at the USN Millennium Gold Plate and the USN Rainbow Classic, where she also took the Bikini Overall title. Since then Anna has gone from strength to strength, placing well at other events, like a third place at the Miss SA Extreme competition.

This success has also paid off, as Anna is now a USN sponsored athlete, and is featured in a number of the company’s advertising campaigns. She is also taking the industry bull by the horns and getting herself out there, with a dedicated website and strong social media presence. Her website, offers readers great advice and tips on healthy living and achieving your fitness goals. She also celebrates the success of her clients on the website, sharing their stories with the thousands of people who visit the website for help and inspiration.

With such a dedicated approach to her career as a trainer, model and competitive athlete we are sure to see a lot more of Anna in the years to come. She has her sites firmly set on achieving her pro status one day, once she has excelled at provincial, national and World’s level, which is the next step in her competitive career. “My ultimate goal is to win everything I can and I can’t wait to tackle all of the exciting new challenges that await me in the years ahead,” she says.

Her love for performing arts and the stage, combined with her dance background means that Anna is even considering competing in the fitness division in years to come. So watch out South Africa, we may soon have a multiple discipline bodybuilding champion on our hands.

Anna’s eating plan:
04h45: USN whey protein shake.
Breakfast: Oats with a USN protein shake.
Mid-morning snack: Egg whites with cinnamon or biltong and almonds.
Lunch: Protein portion with a carbohydrate portion and vegetables.
Afternoon snack: USN whey protein shake with pineapple
Dinner: Protein portion with vegetables and salad.

Anna’s training split:
Monday: legs & shoulders
Tuesday: biceps & triceps
Wednesday: back & chest
Thursday: boot camp cardio
Friday: legs & shoulders
Saturday: cardio & upper body
Sunday: REST

Favourite exercise: boot camp type exercises, anything hardcore
Favourite muscle to train: shoulders & biceps
Favourite book: Redeeming Love- Francine Rivers
Favourite movie: The book of Eli
Favourite song to train to: Katy Pery’s E.T
Favourite cheat meal: oohooo a BIG chocolate chip muffin with jam
Favourite holiday destination: Flamingo Bay in Mozambique

What’s in Anna’s gym bag:
A USN protein shake to make sure I don’t skip a meal when I am on the rod, usn’s phedra cut for some serious energy, towel, gloves and the my good friend the “ipod”

Check out Anna’s healthy summer braai recipes on page XX, for tasty treats that will leave you fit and fab come New Years.

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