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Dec Holiday Survival Tips

December survival tips Always wear sunscreen – best one to go for is the Nimue Sun – C SPF 40 www.nimueskin.co.za Stay hydrated – drink at least 3l water per day Plan ahead – plan what you are going to eat the next day especially when you are on the beach or doing a lot […]

Cover profile of Anna Wood

Full name: Annemarie Wood Age: 30 Occupation: Pilates Instructor and Personal Fitness Trainer Hometown: Pretoria, Gauteng Anna is no stranger to the pages of Fitness magazine, having made the top six of the 2010 USN Face of Fitness cover model search competition, and she was also featured in a recent workout shoot for the mag. […]

Squat and Press exercise

Dumbbell squat presses are unique since they are both for muscle toning and cardiovascular exercise. It is an exercise that involves numerous muscle groups in your upper and lower body, therefore burning more calories when performing it because this exercise targets multiple muscles. The exercise assists with functional fitness because the exercise mimics basic movements […]

The side plank exercise

Side plank is a body weight exercises that uses many different muscles. This is a core strengthening exercise that also has benefits for your side muscles and your back. It is easily modified to include additional benefits, making it a highly diverse and beneficial exercise. The exercise can easily be modified to suit beginners and […]

Post race recovery

Post-race recovery Article by Anna Wood for Live Life Magazine It’s the day before D-day. Confidence rushes through your veins like a wild fire, for you know you have trained for this day like never before. You have planned everything down to the t, from what to eat the night before, how much to drink […]

Is BMI accurate

Article by Anna Wood for Live Life Magazine Intro At some point in our lives we have all tried to lose weight. Many of us are still struggling down this meandering weight loss path filled with obstacles, detours and ill-informed advice that never seem to get us to that “ultimate weight loss goal”.   In […]